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Organisations, clubs and workplaces


Anyone resident in Sydney and who is over 18 years of age can join the Western Sydney Carpool.  Anyone who is an employee of one of our participating organisations or a membe of a participating club or organisation, can join.

My club or organisation would like to join so that we can share our club journeys. How do we join?

If you are already a member of Western Sydney Carpool, you can nominate your club or organisation to join as a participating partner.  There is an annual subscription fee to the service which is determined by the number of members/employees. 


We strongly encourage workplaces to join Western Sydney Carpool.  It takes little administrative work to be involved.   Best of all, it means that your employees will have more secure member profiles upon joining and you will be helping them find a better way of getting to work.

When your workplace takes out an annual subscription to Western Sydney Carpool:

  • we simply ask you to provide us with the details of a contact person, so that they can verify the identity of employees/members who register to join the program
  • we also ask you to promote the program to employees/members. We’re happy to talk to you about your ideas about how to promote the program to your employees/members too.

So, how do you join?   Easy – e-mail us at support@communitycarpooling.com.au and we will contact you.  

A number of our current workplaces have installed priority parking spaces as an incentive for their employees to carpool to work, which have proven successful in:

  • helping employees cut their travel costs
  • reducing local parking pressures.

We can provide a stencil, should you want to mark some of your car parks as priority parking spaces for carpooling employees. If your workplace would like to do this, after ensuring that you have obtained any necessary permissions all you need to do is:

  • decide how many parking spaces you’d like to reserve and where
  • decide how you will check that the parking spaces are being used legitimately (talk with us to discuss what we’ve found has worked so far)
  • mark the parking spaces – we can provide a stencil to help with this
  • promote the parking spaces to your employees and encourage them to join the program!

In late 2014, we asked our existing membership if priority parking spaces were an attractive element of their program membership – the overwhelming response was ‘yes’!

Got questions for us? E-mail them to support@communitycarpooling.com.au .


Have you ever rocked up to an event of some kind and seen all the other single-occupant cars arrive at the same time and thought ‘we could have done this better’?   Western Sydney Carpool now makes this possible.

If you’re arranging an event that will involve lots of people coming to a single location at a set time, like:

  • a sporting fixture or regular training program
  • a workplace conference or training session at a single location
  • a community event

then invite the participants to sign onto the Western Sydney Carpool website (remember, it’s quick and it’s free) and link up their journeys.

If you’re a workplace that would like to use this functionality for any events, training or conferences that you run, we would encourage you to join the Western Sydney Carpool program as a participating workplace.